If You Want to Get Rich, Read, Read, Read

It's been said that if you want to keep something from a Black man, put it in a book. Although I don't know who said it, I do know that in my world, the words Black and ignorance don't mesh together well. So I'm here to set the record straight.

I'm a Black woman and an avid reader of books, magazines, newspapers, and yes, blogs. I read for enjoyment as well as knowledge. Reading is my way of waging war on ignorance. You know, kind of like Tina did when she PUNCHED FEAR IN THE FACE.....POWWWWW!!!! With the Internet, libraries, free seminars and teleseminars from the comfort of my couch, there's no excuse for me to not know how to manage my money. (I'll leave that for the professional athletes.) And there's no excuse for you either.

I've never let my African-American heritage get in the way of my learning. Neither of my parents graduated from high school. As a matter of fact, my dad dropped out of school in the third grade. But, I remember going to work with him and watching him calculate the money he was owed in his head. I was amazed at how he couldn't add or subtract on paper, but he sure knew how to do it in his head. That's why there are no excuses for me.

I grew up around books. I graduated from high school and business school, and I've worked in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. But even with all of that, my knowledge about investments, stocks, bonds or trading only scratches the surface. The industry is always changing, so I've got to keep learning so I can keep earning. That's why I've been renewing magazine subscriptions like crazy on Amazon this month: Smart Money, Black Enterprise (I got an instant $3 off promotion when I ordered this one.), O, The Oprah Magazine. (Can you believe this was only $5 for a one-year subscription?)

At these prices, I knew what my broke family and friends were getting for Christmas. I empowered them with an entire year of reading so they can learn how to get their money straight.

When is the last time you read something finance-related: a book, a magazine, The Wall Street Journal?

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com


Kim said...

Great thoughts Lisa. There is so much information around there is no reason not to read or become educated. The magazine subscriptions are also priced so cheaply that they were affordable. I think giving them as gifts are a great idea.

Tina Fortune said...

I totally agree! Read, Read, Read! I even heard the stories of parents putting money in books for their kids and the kids never reading (or receiving) the money. We have to seek out information and quit thinking anyone is holding it back from us. Great post!

Divascoach said...

I have found that "Knowledge is Power" I quote that everywhere because I realized I was on a quest for wisdom and knowledge; but you have to put it into practice. I read, read and read and I am on my jounrey of becoming the first millionaire in my family heritage. I enjoy reading especially anything to do with my personal development. I am an advocate of reading.

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