What is the Millionaire Journey?

In 365 days, Kim Crouch and Lisa Maria Carroll will be millionaires. We firmly believe that by having the millionaire mindset, taking massive action, playing to win and with the power of association, that the journey we've embarked on to become millionaires is possible. Simply put: we are on a path to become millionaires in 365 days, but this journey, however, is not just about our empowerment and financial freedom, but also yours. We all want financial freedom and the ability to take control of our own destiny, so while this is a journey for us, we recognize that this is the start of a movement of like-minded people coming together to create massive change in how we live our lives and taking action to make what seems like the “impossible” possible. Make the commitment today to take back your life, and join us in the quest for financial independence.

How You Can Join

You can join this incredibly empowering movement by making a commitment now to also become a millionaire in 365 days and agreeing to follow the Millionaire Journey Pledge. We know that becoming a millionaire can seem like a daunting accomplishment but that's why you won't have to do it alone. You will have Kim and Lisa and other Millionaire Journey members to support you in your endeavor. Over the next 365 days, [through emails, teleseminars, etc] we will be there to provide motivation, inspiration or just a kick in the pants to keep you going. We’ve made it easy for you. Membership is free and, once you sign up, we will provide you with a copy of the Millionaire's Pledge and a list of the Five Things You Must Do Now To Become A Millionaire. Sign up now and take the first step toward becoming a millionaire.

Why 365 Days?

In our world anything is possible. We also believe nothing gets a person to take action quicker than igniting a fire in their soul and giving them a deadline with the essence of immediacy.

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