Will I See You on the Millionaire Side?

Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before. ~Philippians 3:13


I have a confession: I have a really bad habit of making other people's problems my own. You see, when I see someone in need, I reach out to help. Call it my Christian duty, by upbringing or my human compassion. I just call it doing good. But, what I've learned is if helping you hurts me, then it's not divine order. And when I do things out of alignment with my divine purpose and mission, it causes me to feel resentment and anger.

Saying goodbye is a gift we all have, if we can just conjure up the nerve to use it. This year I really put in the work required to give people their problems back. I no longer stay up late trying to find ways to get someone's rent paid while they're sleeping. I don't buy restaurant gift cards for co-workers who can't feed themselves after they've bought gourmet cat food for their beloved feline. And don't get me started on the folks who smoke two packs of cigarettes per day, at $5/pack (on average), drop $100/week at the bar, and by the end of the month they can't pay their rent. Don't get me wrong, I don't tell people how to spend their money or time, but I do have some say so in how I spend mine.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Knowing this, I've had to learn to separate the chaff from the wheat, and to know when it's time to let go. Stop carrying dead weight. I'm traveling light into the next decade: all emotional baggage is limited to a small carry-on. Otherwise, I'm going to have to get like the airlines and charge for each additional item. I'm not Dr. Phil, and I'm definitely not Oprah. But just like them, I have a calling on my life. I have work to do, people to see, and victories to win. And I can't get there carrying a whole bunch of garbage.

So, my mind is made up, and my focus is clear: either you're going with me, or I'm leaving you here. No hard feelings as we go our separate ways. Perhaps somehow, somewhere, we'll meet again someday. Hey, if it's not in this life, then I wish you well. We're all God's children, and He wants nothing less than best. Keep the faith, and go strong; stay in your lane and I'll stay in mine.

To all of our MJ stars: If you can give it up, you can have it all. (Bishop T.D. Jakes) Leave the nonsense behind in 2009. And get ready to win in 2010!

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Your Weight Should Never Be Higher Than Your Credit Score

I was met by a gentleman today who expressed an interest in dating. A quick once-over, and I thought to myself, I do not date men whose weight is higher than their credit scores. That may sound mean, but stay with me on this one because I'm going somewhere. I'm no Suze Orman or Jillian Michaels, but those two have more in common than you may think.

A few weeks ago we interviewed Gail Perry-Mason, author of Girl, Make Your Money Grow, on the 1-Year Millionaires show, and she was pretty forthcoming about her desire to lose weight because, as she said, "There's nothing like being fat and broke." We laughed and joked about it for awhile, but how many of us are high-fiving our computer screens right now because we're glad that somebody was bold enough to step up and say what we were already thinking?

The reality is we want to be physically and financially fit. But most of us are either one, the other, or neither. Blame it on stress, circumstances, the recession, our bringing or anything else we need to to justify us not being proactive in achieving our desired results. But, at the end of the day, we've got to go hard to get what we want. Achieving both goals require discipline and control and, usually, if you lack those traits in one area of your life, you lack them in others as well.

I don't believe that people wake up in the morning to intentionally be a burden to society, their mates or their loved ones. But, that's exactly what happens when your weight and/or credit get out of control. Others are bestowed with the responsibility of carrying your dead weight--tying your shoes, paying your bills, co-signing for loans, helping you go to the bathroom, helping you get out of bed--and I don't want that for myself or for anyone else on this Millionaire Journey. I don't want a relationship with someone who has to stop to catch his breath after every 3rd step because his weight is causing breathing problems. I want a healthy mate--physically and financially. And I want that for you.

So I ask, how important are your mate's/potential mate's numbers to you? And how about yours?

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Jesus Came to Serve, Not to be Served

"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many." Mark 10:45

Jesus is the reason for the season. And as we approach the day that we celebrate His birth, we should all be asking, "Lord, how can I serve You"? Economists say that consumer spending is down due to the economy, but the needs of our fellow men are up. Even when funds are low, we all have something to give: a smile, our time, our talents. Instead of feeling down and out if you can't give material things, visit a hospital, smile at the person you pass on the street, shovel the snow from a neighbor's yard. These are gifts that you can give not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

So, each day that you rise, ask, "Lord, how can I serve You today"? And watch the blessings you receive in return far exceed anything that you give.

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Are You Attracting Abundance?

I got 99 problems, but money ain't one.

I got a praise report from someone on the Millionaire Journey last week:

THE LORD IS GOOD! I got $150.00 PAYOUT! HALLELUJAH! Im sooooooooooo happy right now! ~Brandyn, Minneapolis, MN

By the way, this message came from my 21-year-old daughter who happens to be following MJ on Facebook. She has been tithing religiously her entire life. And I'm always in awe at how she NEVER worries about money, and always has enough to cover all of her expenses. She's a full-time college student, studying criminal justice at a 2-year college. Her plans are to transfer to a 4-year college after she graduates, and then go to law school. She has her own apartment and also works full-time at a bank. And she is as cheap as she wants to be.

Well, I guess I shouldn't call her cheap, but rather discerning about where she spends her money. But, one thing I will say, N-O-B-O-D-Y gets her tithes. Even if she misses church one Sunday, she will put it aside until the next, or mail it in. She NEVER worries about money. She even admits that sometimes she doesn't even know how she manages to meet all of her financial obligations. All she knows is that she's faithful and the Lord provides. It's the principles of sowing and reaping. If you sow a seed, you will reap a harvest.

I started this journey with Kim and Tina knowing that I would be a millionaire within 365 days. But, evenso, I refuse to hoard money in an effort to get to my million; I have to give to get. I'm a devout Christian, who believes God's word to be true, "Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure-- pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return."
Luke 6:38

The Bible is very clear that whatsoever you give, it will be given back to you, good measure, pressed down shaken together, running over. And it's not all about money. If you give love, happiness, peace, joy, then that's what will come back. At the same token, if you give grief, strife, anger, insult, then that is what will be returned to you, pressed down, shaken together, until your cup runs over.

Even corporations believe in tithing or giving charities, as some call it. They believe in planting seeds in the community to reap a harvest to stay in business. Their faith is in their giving.

Where is your faith?

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Start Saving for Next Year's Christmas Now

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! You know, kind of like it did on December 25th last year. But if you're like me, it somehow always manages to sneak up on us every year and catch us by surprise. Now, how can we expect to get to our million if we're constantly being off caught guard by things that we should be planning for? And that means having a cash reserve to cover annual Christmas expenses.

But, next year I'm going to be telling a different story. Why? Because I visited my credit union a few weeks ago and opened up a Christmas club account. I was standing in line waiting to do business with the teller when I looked over and saw the sign, "Open your Christmas club account today."

Quite honestly, I didn't know Christmas club accounts still existed. But, with the stroke of a pen on a few forms, I'm already planning for Christmas 2010. And you can too.

What you should know:
  • Start your Christmas account in December (why put it off?). That way if you invest a small amount ($5-$10) every week, you’ll be looking at a sizeable amount come November when your funds become available.
  • Many banks and credit unions don’t advertise Christmas clubs, but almost all offer them. Talk to a teller or banker about opening one.
  • Start a budget for next Christmas now, and stick to it. Then, whatever is accumulated by November 1st, is all that you will spend for the holidays--nothing more. I committed to $20/bi-weekly, and I have it direct deposited directly into my account from paycheck. Plus, the credit union will make my last payment for me. That's a whopping $500 that I'll have saved for Christmas next year.

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Keep the Spirit in Christmas, and Out of Your Wallet

Drinking and driving is not a millionaire mindset. It sounds like such a no-brainer, but there are still lots of people who don't get it.

It's that time of the year when most of us like to celebrate, party, eat, drink and be merry. From holiday parties at work to dinner with the in-laws, most people will declare any occasion an opportunity to indulge in alcohol. But what happens when that indulgence turns to excess? Excess to the point where you jeopordize your health, someone else's health and your source of income?

For over decade I worked as an executive assistant, planning everything from backyard barbeques at the boss' house to sales banquets at local hotels to holiday parties at convention centers. And without fail, I could always count on at least one employee indulging a little too much on the alcohol. Fortunately, companies recognize the high probability of this happening, along with their liability if something happens as the result of their employee's indiscretion.

That's why companies now tell employees to call a taxi if they're going to drink, even if it's not at a company function. Employers realize that the holidays affect people differently. It's not a happy time for everyone; some become depressed, some bitter, and some angry. And alcohol is often their drug of choice to dull the pain. And then you have those who drink just because it's available.

There's nothing wrong with adults enjoying an adult beverage. But, responsibility and good old common sense can go a long way in helping you keep the spirit in Christmas and out of your wallet.

I still remember the day my boss called me into his office, and told me to call a cab and have them at our office at 10AM the following morning. Being the good assistant that I was, I asked who would they be picking up? Would it be cash or charge? Blah, blah, blah... He gave me the name of the employee and said tell them that you're paying cash, and that they should take him wherever he wants to go.

~Hmmm... ~

As it turned out, this employee had attended a cookout at the boss' lake home the weekend prior and had had a little too much to drink. I guess his overindulgence came with an extra dose of courage and he chose that time to not only tell his supervisor how he really felt about him, but also to start a physical fight. This employee was a territory manager with a company car. And his actions resulted in him losing his job.

Do you think it was worth it? I know it wasn't. And I know the rest of you on this millionaire journey agree.

So, what can you do to keep the spirit in Christmas and out of your wallet?

  1. Offer a cash bar. People have a tendency to drink less when they're spending their own money.
  2. Don't drink and drive. If you know you're going to drink, designate a driver BEFORE you go out. This is such a no-brainer, but there are still far too many people who don't get it.
  3. Offer non-alcoholic drinks. I don't drink alcohol, but I love Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice during the holidays. I also like drinks mixed with ginger ale. A few other recipes to try:
Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

- 1 oz fresh lime juice
- 3 oz fresh strawberries (you can also use frozen strawberries or strawberry syrup)
- 1 teaspoon sugar
- Cracked ice

Fill lime juice, strawberries, and sugar into a blender. Blend until smooth, then add the cracked ice and blend again until smooth.
Pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with whole strawberry or mince leave.
Serve with a straw.

7-UP Christmas Bowl Recipe

20 oz frozen raspberry in syrup
12 oz frozen lemonade cocentrate
46 oz pineapple juice
64 oz chilled 7-Up® soda

Place raspberries and lemonade in blender, process till smooth. Strain into punch bowl. Discard seeds. Stir in pineapple juice. Just before serving, add 7-Up.

Amaretto Stone Sweet Recipe

2 1/2 oz Blanks® amaretto
2 oz cherry syrup
4 oz orange juice
4 oz 7-Up® soda

Blend with ice.

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Start Over Finish Rich: 10 Steps To Get You Back On Track in 2010

I got an email today from David Bach about the release of his new book. I had been looking for to its release and even read the first chapter of the book which was posted on and still remains as an excerpt on the Facebook Fan Page for the Millionaire Journey. What I liked most about the email is that David Bach is giving away a variety of bonuses for people who purchase the book that I think would appeal to those of you on the Millionaire Journey. According to the email, for anyone who buys one book they will be entitled to the following:

• 3 Group Teleconferences with David Bach: You will have the opportunity to work through all 10 steps in Start Over, Finish Rich with David Bach right by your side! These three sessions will be scheduled for early 2010 and will be recorded for your convenience.

• A FREE download of his 2009 bestseller, Fight for Your Money: Bach is giving the whole e-book away. This book is your battle plan to put thousands of dollars back in your pocket--where it belongs!

• A 50% discount coupon to attend his upcoming Finish Rich University: David Bach is planning a LIVE 3-Day event for October 2010 and you'll be entitled to register for half price! (exact date and location to be announced.)

To get the Thank You Package of bonuses, simply email your receipt to OneBook@finishrich.com

I figured since many of you would be purchasing the book anyway, you may as well get these additional bonuses.

If You Want to Get Rich, Read, Read, Read

It's been said that if you want to keep something from a Black man, put it in a book. Although I don't know who said it, I do know that in my world, the words Black and ignorance don't mesh together well. So I'm here to set the record straight.

I'm a Black woman and an avid reader of books, magazines, newspapers, and yes, blogs. I read for enjoyment as well as knowledge. Reading is my way of waging war on ignorance. You know, kind of like Tina did when she PUNCHED FEAR IN THE FACE.....POWWWWW!!!! With the Internet, libraries, free seminars and teleseminars from the comfort of my couch, there's no excuse for me to not know how to manage my money. (I'll leave that for the professional athletes.) And there's no excuse for you either.

I've never let my African-American heritage get in the way of my learning. Neither of my parents graduated from high school. As a matter of fact, my dad dropped out of school in the third grade. But, I remember going to work with him and watching him calculate the money he was owed in his head. I was amazed at how he couldn't add or subtract on paper, but he sure knew how to do it in his head. That's why there are no excuses for me.

I grew up around books. I graduated from high school and business school, and I've worked in the financial services industry for more than 25 years. But even with all of that, my knowledge about investments, stocks, bonds or trading only scratches the surface. The industry is always changing, so I've got to keep learning so I can keep earning. That's why I've been renewing magazine subscriptions like crazy on Amazon this month: Smart Money, Black Enterprise (I got an instant $3 off promotion when I ordered this one.), O, The Oprah Magazine. (Can you believe this was only $5 for a one-year subscription?)

At these prices, I knew what my broke family and friends were getting for Christmas. I empowered them with an entire year of reading so they can learn how to get their money straight.

When is the last time you read something finance-related: a book, a magazine, The Wall Street Journal?

Lisa Maria Carroll, is one of the 3 women, along with Kim Crouch and Tina Fortune, who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

Make Money Blogging Part 2

In my first article, Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways You Need To Know About Now, I discussed with you some of the steps necessary to build a good blog or website and I discussed the concept of making money blogging by affiliate marketing. I also provided you a list of affiliate marketing companies to get you started (See Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways You Need To Know Now).

This article will focus on article marketing and other methods of income generation that will help you make money blogging. But first, just a brief reminder. The key to making money blogging is to have a blog or a website and building a community of followers. Remember you can register a blog at blogger.com or at http://www.dpbolvw.net/click-3713745-10378406.

For many of us with blogs, the primary reason we blog is because we’re passionate about a specific issue and the blog is our opportunity to share our thoughts with the world. But if you’re going to blog, you may as well make money with it. As I’ve said before, you won’t get rich but you can make a decent living at it.

I believe in the concept that the way to accumulate wealth is not to do 4,000 things one time, but to do 1 thing 4,000 times. As such, when I write a blog, my initial purpose in writing it is to post it on my site to educate and spark conversation amongst my readers. After I’ve done that, I usually will then post that article on several article writing sites where I can get paid.


These are online publishers that pay you for content. A few -sites require that the articles be original articles exclusively published with them. However, most don’t.

1. Associated Content. They don’t require exclusivity in order for you to publish. They are one of the best companies out there to me for online publishing. They have two avenues of pay: performance pay, where you get paid based off the number of views and advance pay where they pay you for writing assignments or selling them original content. I’ve done both. I must say again, you won’t get rich but you’ve already written your post for your site so why not post it on Associated Content and get paid for it as well. To sign up for Associated Content, click HERE.

2. Examiner.com. They are probably the best online publishers to me because they are an actual newspaper. They have a fairly decent sign up process and even do a background check, which is free and actually very simple. You sign up to write about a certain area. Since I often blog about parenting and education issues, I signed up to be an Education Examiner. You also get paid on a performance pay basis based off the number of people who read your article. To sign up for the examiner, click HERE. In the referral box, please list me as a referral. You can search for me under the name Kim Crouch or put in Examiner ID Number 32461.

Other online publishing places you can submit your articles include: e-how.com, suite 101.com


There are several companies that will pay you a fee to post and/or write reviews about their products and services. With many of the companies, you set your own fee and the advertiser will determine if they accept that fee and whether your blog meets their needs. I recommend that whenever you engage in a pay per post you make clear to your readers that you’re getting paid for the post. The FTC regulations also make clear that you need to have some type of disclosure statement when you get paid to advertise products. The following are pay per post companies:

1. Payperpost.com. Payperpost.com is known as the pioneers of the getting paid to blog concept. Of all the companies, they seem to have the most jobs available. You can get paid anywhere from $5 to $100 per approved post.

2. Bloggerwave.com
Bloggerwave is the most user friendly of all the sites. It’s a smaller company but you can still get paid a decent amount. They usually pay a minimum of $10 per approved post.

3. Smorty.com
Smorty pays out weekly between $6-$100. They look at the page rank of your blog in determining how much you make.

Other pay per post sites include: blogvertise.com, reviewme.com, loudlaunch.com, and blogitive.com.


These sites pay you to run ads on your site and pay on a per impression basis. My experience with these companies have been that in order to be accepted into their programs you need to have a high volume of traffic. Some of the best companies in this field include:

1. Blogherads.com (they currently aren’t accepting new applications but you can sign up to be on their waiting list)
2. Tribalfusion.com-requires 5,000 visitors by day

Become A Millionaire Series: Who Is The CEO Of Your Company?

Who is the CEO of your company? I came across this video the other day, and it was a reminder to me that you are and should always be the CEO of your own company: ME INC. After all, let's be real. You are your ultimate shareholder and it is your goal to increase shareholder value.

This is easy to forget especially when times are good. After all, the company is taking care of us. We are making good pay, great benefits and we seem to be progressing. But what happens when times aren't so good such as when there is a recession and companies have to make decisions about who stays and who goes.

As Roland Martin says in this video, if you think like a CEO during good times, you will always be prepared for bad times.

Here are 5 things you can do to think like a CEO that increase shareholder value:

1. Find multiple streams of income. If you don't have your own business, you should always be involved in something that generates additional streams of income that aren't limited to your salary as an employee. This can include MLM programs, real estate, or a part time internet business. (See also article Making An Income Stream Put Of Taking Surveys).

2. Obtain marketable and transferable skills. If you work for someone else, take as many free classes as you can. Go to every training offered by the company from everything to How To Use Microsoft Word to Becoming A Great Leader. Also take on projects that challenge you so that you acquire skill sets that will become useful later.

3. Establish Good Relationships. Even if your goal is to one day be an entrepreneur, always do a great job for your employer and develoop a good working relationship with your colleagues. Despite their being more than 4 billion people in this world, I have found that the world is quite small. While you're working for someone else, develop good relationships that you can use to help your business grow later. I've been amazed by the number of people who leave their employer only to end up doing consulting or some other services for that same employer as CEO of their own business.

4. Learn the industry, about market research and sales. Do what you can to learn about the industry, corporate structure and market research. These traits will prove beneficial as you move from employee to CEO of your own company. No matter what type of business you start, understanding the fundamentals of business growth and client or customer base will be critical to your success.

5. Acquire Project Management skills. To me, this is the holy grail of skills needed to be CEO of your own company. Volunteer or take on assignments that give you project management skills. Believe me, you will work harder for your self than you ever will be the company you currently work for. To that extent, project management skills will be invaluable to help you juggle multiple projects.

Recommended Program & Books to help you think more like a CEO

Join Brian Tracy LIVE for "Reinvent Yourself and Thrive in 2010" December 17th, 2009. Register Now!

How to Think Like a CEO: The 22 Vital Traits You Need to Be the Person at the Top

Creating You & Co.: Learn To Think Like The CEO Of Your Own Career

(Kim Crouch)

Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways You Need To Know About Now

Several of you have asked me how you can specifically make money blogging online. There are many ways to make money blogging online but I will tell you the top ten things I do to make money online. But, before I do so let me say that contrary to published reports very few people get rich quick blogging. However, you can make a decent living blogging but like anything else it takes time, consistent effort and a good strategy.

The truth is I spend a lot of time and effort working at it. I get up at the crack of dawn and go to sleep very late. I’m consistently writing and experimenting with ideas. Before I tell you what I do I want to say three things that I believe are prerequisites to making money blogging online:

1. Select a market or a niche. What is it that you want to blog about? Is it kids, pets, education, healthcare reform, etc. Whatever it is do some research to see what other blogs or websites already exist on the subject just so that you have an idea as to what's out there and who is your competition.

2. Register a blog or a website. If you don’t already have one, you can create a blog at blogger.com, wordpress.com or typepad.com. These are the three most common platforms. If you prefer a website, then I would recommend www.GoDaddy.com . They are reasonably priced, reputable and offer a host of other supporting services.

3. Determine a strategy for building traffic. Traffic is key to making money on your blog. You may have a wonderful blog with great content but it will mean little if you have no traffic and no one reads it. In reality, you won’t begin to generate money until you’re getting a substantial number of visitors a day to your site. If you're only getting 5 or 10 visitors a day this is not likely to generate any real income so I suggest you invest some time and effort in building traffic. One way to do that is with good content or to become known as an expert in a particular area.

Here are the ten ways you can make money blogging, but as I've mentioned previously what makes it work for me is doing these ten things in concert and not one exclusively. The sites below can be divided into three categories for revenue generation: Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click & Inline Contextual Ads.


In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing of the three categories provides the best opportunity for revenue generation because it allows you to control which products you market and to some extent how you market the products, services or programs. Now note, the way Affiliate Marketing works, all with the exception of Amazon Associates, even if you're accepted into the Affiliate Marketing Program you still must apply for acceptance into the affiliate programs of the companies that are participants in the programs.

1. Amazon Associates. When people think of Amazon, they think of books. However, you can purchase virtually anything from Amazon from electronics to baby toys to jewelry and magazine subscriptions. Amazon in many ways has become the online supercenter. Amazon’s Affiliate Program is one of the easier to use and they’ve created a lot of gadgets from allowing you to link to a page and a product to allowing you to tweet items that your readers or customers may want to purchase. Amazon’s affiliate programs pays a percentage based on sales starting at 4% and increasing to 6% depending on the number of items sold each month. The good part is you can promote just about anything. To sign up, click HERE.

2. Commission Junction. CJ as many people call them is probably the best known of all the affiliate marketing programs online. Through CJ, you can promote everything from financial services to baby clothes to electronics. To sign up, Click HERE.

3. Logical Media. Although CJ is probably the largest, "Click Here">Logical Media is my favorite affiliate marketing company. It is one of the most innovative companies in the affiliate marketing arena. With Logical Media, you place ads within your blog and you are paid each time a visitor either clicks on the ad or takes some action like sign up. "Click Here">Logical Media also pays $25 for just signing up!

4. Linkshare. Linkshare is very similar to CJ and offers a variety of products and services you can promote. LinkShare Program

5. Flexoffers. This is one of the newer companies that I’ve signed up with. They seem to have a lot of financial related products but the payout is pretty good. To sign up, click HERE.

6. Clickbank. Like the others, it offers a wide variety of products you can promote but the products seem to be lesser known products. To sign up for Clickbank, click HERE.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (“PPC”) ads are those that pay out when a reader clicks on an ad.

7. Google Adsense- Adsense is probably the most well known of all the online programs that allow you to make money. Bloggers make money by inserting Adsense code into blogging site and can begin earning money immediately. To sign up, click HERE.

8. Bidvertiser- When most people think of PPC ads, Google Adsense usually comes to mind. However, Bidvertiser is an alternative to Adsense. Bidvertiser pays out at $10 vs. $100 for Adsense, which could take a while. Also, Bidvertiser will pay you for referring other publishers (bloggers). However, I like the quality of Adsense’s ads much more. To sign up for Bidvertiser, click HERE. (Once at the site, click on the button at the top that says Bidvertiser).

9. Chikita. This is another PPC program where the ads are based on the subject of the post or blog in which they appear. Sign up HERE.

Contextual Inline Ads
These are programs that allow you to add code to your blog that automatically searches each article and create text links on keywords to promote products. Revenue is generated when a reader clicks on one of the links. Once you install the code, no additional code or work is required. All you do is post your blog and the ads are automatically synched up with the keywords. Two of the better known companies in this area are
10. Infolinks & Kontera. You can check out a demo of Kontera here. I have found more success with Infolinks than Kontera in terms of payout. To sign up for Infolinks, click HERE. Kontera, click HERE.

In part 2, I will talk about other ways to make money blogging include pay per post and article generation companies.

To learn more about making money online, check out the comprehensive e-book: 20 Ways To Make a $100 per day online.

Kim Crouch, is one of the 3 women, along with Lisa Maria Carroll and Montina Fortune who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

How much do you know about your neighbors? (Thanks S Capri Edwards and Lorraine Smith for guessing this week's book selection on our Facebook fan page.)

I'm a huge fan of The Real Housewives series, especially Orange County and Atlanta. It's easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the show but, if there's one thing you can glean from them, that is everything that glitters, isn't gold; people aren't always who you think they are; and some things are just an illusion.

Take NeNe Leakes of the Atlanta Housewives. In Season One she presented herself as this highfalutin socialite whose husband was a real-estate investor. No sooner than the tapes stopped rolling that season, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that Leakes and her family were being evicted from their RENTED home....WHO KNEW? (Check it out here.)

And if that weren't enough, now you've got the White House party crashers, Tareq and Michaele Salahi (true examples of fakeness), not only attending a dinner uninvited, but also project this image of success and having arrived, while, in reality, they're millions of dollars in debt.

STOP THE MADNESS! Join us in reading our current book selection, The Millionaire Next Door, as we discover and discuss how true millionaires really live.

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