Start Over Finish Rich: 10 Steps To Get You Back On Track in 2010

I got an email today from David Bach about the release of his new book. I had been looking for to its release and even read the first chapter of the book which was posted on and still remains as an excerpt on the Facebook Fan Page for the Millionaire Journey. What I liked most about the email is that David Bach is giving away a variety of bonuses for people who purchase the book that I think would appeal to those of you on the Millionaire Journey. According to the email, for anyone who buys one book they will be entitled to the following:

• 3 Group Teleconferences with David Bach: You will have the opportunity to work through all 10 steps in Start Over, Finish Rich with David Bach right by your side! These three sessions will be scheduled for early 2010 and will be recorded for your convenience.

• A FREE download of his 2009 bestseller, Fight for Your Money: Bach is giving the whole e-book away. This book is your battle plan to put thousands of dollars back in your pocket--where it belongs!

• A 50% discount coupon to attend his upcoming Finish Rich University: David Bach is planning a LIVE 3-Day event for October 2010 and you'll be entitled to register for half price! (exact date and location to be announced.)

To get the Thank You Package of bonuses, simply email your receipt to

I figured since many of you would be purchasing the book anyway, you may as well get these additional bonuses.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading his latest book. I read and learned a lot from "start late, finish Rich." I believe those are some great principles.

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