How to Write and Produce a Screenplay

Do you consider yourself the next Steven Spielberg or Tyler Perry? Do you have a great idea for a movie, but need help putting it on paper?

The Millionaire Journey Radio Show is kicking off the new year with screenwriter and executive producer Tyeastia "Tye" Green. She is a dynamic artist whose talents as a writer have taken her from private journal writer to a self-published producer of three spoken word CDs, author of two award winning screenplays, creator of TH3M! and executive producer/writer of PreDestined.

Tye will walk us step-by-step through the screenwriting process. So be sure to tune in to The Millionaire Journey Radio Show this Sunday, January 16, 2011, at 7pm EST/4pm CST, to get your questions answered. You can join us live in the chat room:, or listen live on the phone by dialing 646-595-2996 (press "1" on your keypad if you'd like to ask a question).

Lisa Maria Carroll is a social media maven who teaches wealth strategies through the Millionaire Journey, tweets motivational tips on Twitter, quips about the latest relationship dramedy on The Relationship Buzz BTR show, and mentors single moms through her blogs. To learn more about Millionaire Journey, go to or join us on Facebook at

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