You Can't Be Surprised and Successful

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s day 240 on the march toward the Millionaire Journey. I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted so I would check in and let you know how we’re proceeding on the journey. . We’re almost two-thirds the way to D-Day and let me tell you it’s been no joke! I admit that it’s been hard, filled with challenges, but so rewarding. There is nothing like going no holds barred with the world to make your dreams happen. And believe me, the world is rough, strong and takes no prisoners. But, I’ve learned as long as I stay in the ring (even if I’m up against the ropes) I will win and be successful in the pursuit of my goal.

I heard a quote recently from a friend, author Jo Lena Johnson who I interviewed for my Passion4Parenting Show. As part of that show, she stated that it’s hard to be successful and surprised. While simplistic in its obviousness, it’s actually quite profound because the truth is none of us can work hard everyday toward goal achievement and be surprised when it happens. Surprise and success really can’t co-exist if you think about it because success is the result of the actions you take every day that move you toward alignment with the world’s purpose for you. Although you may be surprised at the magnitude of your success, it’s really hard to be surprised that you’ve achieved success when you do what it takes and you work hard to make your dreams a reality.

Ask yourself, are you doing what it takes?

1. Attainment of Knowledge. My experiences have taught me that most people aren’t successful for one of two reasons: either they don’t know what they want or they don’t know how to get what they want. These last 240 days I’ve encountered both! There have been times where I’ve had to really have a heart to heart talk with myself to really try to ascertain what it is I’ve wanted from this journey. Part of the problem is that I have many talents and enjoy doing many things and it was extremely difficult to determine There have also been times when I was clear about what I wanted but struggled about how to get that. The key is to make sure you move toward the attainment of knowledge. Are you trying to discover answers for what you don’t know? Are you trying to improve upon any skill deficiencies?

2. Maintaining the Momentum. I realize that the key to success for anyone lies in maintaining momentum. You can achieve what you set out to but it takes time and it’s easy to get sidetracked, steer off course and a number of things that will break your momentum. It’s also easy to take a break from pursuing your dream because it’s hard work and while you may think it’s only a day or two the truth is all successful people know that they’ve managed to Your goal is to make sure you keep the momentum so everyday you need to do something that pushes you toward goal achievement. Ideally, it’s something big but if not make it small. Just do something. I’ve learned that the difference between those who are good and those who are great are those who are great keep the momentum going and keep pushing when those who are good have said this is enough. I’m happy with this.

3. Power of Association. I’’ve blogged a lot about making sure that you surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart. But it’s also important that you associate with the right type of people who you’re your best interest at heart. Mom may love you but the question is whether mom can help propel you forward. Does mom have the knowledge base you need to move on to the next level? Make sure you are surrounding yourself with individuals whose knowledge and experience can benefit you.

In the end, remember success is less about luck and more about work. Believe me, if you work hard every day, your success won’t be a surprise.
Onward toward success. Keep up the good work. Day 365 is right around the corner.

Click HERE to hear my interview with Jo Lena Johnson (interview begins around minute 2 of the recording)

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