Become A Millionaire Series: Who Is The CEO Of Your Company?

Who is the CEO of your company? I came across this video the other day, and it was a reminder to me that you are and should always be the CEO of your own company: ME INC. After all, let's be real. You are your ultimate shareholder and it is your goal to increase shareholder value.

This is easy to forget especially when times are good. After all, the company is taking care of us. We are making good pay, great benefits and we seem to be progressing. But what happens when times aren't so good such as when there is a recession and companies have to make decisions about who stays and who goes.

As Roland Martin says in this video, if you think like a CEO during good times, you will always be prepared for bad times.

Here are 5 things you can do to think like a CEO that increase shareholder value:

1. Find multiple streams of income. If you don't have your own business, you should always be involved in something that generates additional streams of income that aren't limited to your salary as an employee. This can include MLM programs, real estate, or a part time internet business. (See also article Making An Income Stream Put Of Taking Surveys).

2. Obtain marketable and transferable skills. If you work for someone else, take as many free classes as you can. Go to every training offered by the company from everything to How To Use Microsoft Word to Becoming A Great Leader. Also take on projects that challenge you so that you acquire skill sets that will become useful later.

3. Establish Good Relationships. Even if your goal is to one day be an entrepreneur, always do a great job for your employer and develoop a good working relationship with your colleagues. Despite their being more than 4 billion people in this world, I have found that the world is quite small. While you're working for someone else, develop good relationships that you can use to help your business grow later. I've been amazed by the number of people who leave their employer only to end up doing consulting or some other services for that same employer as CEO of their own business.

4. Learn the industry, about market research and sales. Do what you can to learn about the industry, corporate structure and market research. These traits will prove beneficial as you move from employee to CEO of your own company. No matter what type of business you start, understanding the fundamentals of business growth and client or customer base will be critical to your success.

5. Acquire Project Management skills. To me, this is the holy grail of skills needed to be CEO of your own company. Volunteer or take on assignments that give you project management skills. Believe me, you will work harder for your self than you ever will be the company you currently work for. To that extent, project management skills will be invaluable to help you juggle multiple projects.

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(Kim Crouch)

1 comment:

Lisa Maria Carroll said...

I watched my mother work like a Hebrew slave in heat for more than 20 years for a company that one day closed its doors with no prior notice to its employees. My mother was hard-working, dedicated and loyal, but unfortunately, she put too much faith in a company. Because she never invested in herself through education, savings or developing multiple income streams, she didn't have another career after that, and struggled financially, while going from job to job.

The slap in the face came when she received a letter in her early 50s, stating that her retirement benefits from that job would be $80/month. For 25 years of service to a company, all she was going to get was $80 a month. And since she passed away before she turned 55 (54 yrs and 2 months), she didn't get that. Her 16-year-old minor child couldn't even collect. And since she didn't have a spouse who could collect, the money is just gone....POOF!

That's why I believe so strongly in looking out for the Lisa Corporation. I learned early in the game that there's no such thing as fair. And the only thing coming early and staying late means is that you lost sleep and time with yourself and your family. I scheduled an 8:00 meeting in my department yesterday, and they staged an uprising.........No, really! They made it very clear that they do NOT get to work before 9:00. And 'they' are department heads.

So, if the department heads don't come in early, who's going to notice if you do?

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