Punch FEAR in the Face!

Achieving millionaire status involves appreciating every opportunity to save, give and DO. I am a frugal person and I believe in saving a dollar or a hundred dollars when I can. I look for ways to save money. Look for ways to cut the costs and stop paying full price. The only time you should be paying full price is when you absolutely want to and don't feel guilty about doing it.

Today I had to book a flight for my boyfriend and I researched online for "coupon codes" in google. Did you know that there is a coupon available for virtually anything you want to purchase online? Yes there is! You just have to find it. So, I wanted to be sure that if you had some place to be that you could also find it too. Click Here for a $25 off Air Tran Coupon

The past 14 days of this journey I have felt like I have been running race and today for the first time, I slowed down long enough to evaluate what has occurred. I started a new business, I received payments for the business and more work, I opened up a Teleseminar, updated my resume and reflected on where I've been and where I want to go in my career. I read Lisa Maria Carroll's book Moving Up in a Down Economy and made a few decisions to get rid of some of major time wasters that were not producing any type of income. Just from her book, I received tips on how to apply for jobs that have my current career title that will more than double my salary!

More than anything, I punched FEAR in the face. I have an amazing Dream Team that desires to me and everyone on this journey succeed! They are up researching ways to save, share and together we are believe God for His abundant blessings in this lifetime. There is so much to be said about that.

So as you are traveling along the Millionaire Journey with us, Punch FEAR in the Face! Allow your dreams to come alive, switch gears and use every opportunity that you have available to live your best life now. Evaluate your money mindset and remember to say the Millionaire Pledge DAILY!

You can and will achieve millionaire status. How long is up to you.

After you read this post, please copy and comment with I punched FEAR in the face! You'll feel much better after you do-really, you will!



Lisa Maria Carroll said...

I sent fear packing a long time ago. But now I know that when it tries to rear its ugly head, to just punch him dead in the eye!


Blogger said...

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