Fear, Don't Live Here Anymore!

I know it’s hard to believe that someone who is an attorney/author/radio show host has fears about much of anything. But I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve let fear punch me in the face, beat me down and even knock me out for the count on more than one occasion.

Take the time I almost dropped out of law school after the first week because I didn’t think I could cut it, or how I almost didn’t write my book Mother To Son because I didn’t believe anyone would listen to someone without a PhD. There are so many things I almost didn’t do because fear began to set in. But after writing my book and seeing the warmth with which it was received, I determined from that time period on that fear would never occupy a permanent place in my head or heart. Nor should it in yours. After all, a wise person once told me that fear is false evidence appeared real. Once you know and really believe this, then you to can begin to make sure fear doesn’t live in your home anymore.

Here are a few things I’ve used over the years to help me overcome fear:

1. Get a cheering squad. Surround yourself with a group of people who can encourage you and root you on in your dreams. Fear can’t occupy the same space as love and confidence.
2. Break down what you want to do into small achieveable steps. Fear sometimes comes from the fact that something seems to big to accomplish. Break it down into smaller steps. As you achieve those smaller steps your confidence will grow and your fear will lessen.
3. Take fear head on. Don’t run. Stand your ground. Ask yourself what’s worst. To live your life trying or to be filled with regret?

In the end, you don’t need to be an attorney or some superstar to punch fear in the face. You just need to be willing to move forward and give your dreams a try.

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Lisa Maria Carroll said...

Last year I wanted to write a book called, A Message to My Daughters. I brainstormed with a coworker, who eventually told me to go it alone. A couple months later, Maya Angelou released a book called, A Letter to My Daughters. I felt dejected because she'd "taken my idea." How could I write even a similar book and compete with Maya Angelou?

I visited Amazon last week, and Angelou's book popped up on my homepage. That's when I realized that I'd let fear stop me from doing what I really wanted to do, and that is write a book from mothers to daughters.

People write books on similar interests all the time. And Maya Angelous doesn't have the market on mother-daughter relationships cornered. Not everyone is going to buy her book, just like everyone is not going to buy mine. I just need to develop a marketing strategy and know that I will be successful.

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