The Power of Association, and the Transference of Spirits

Can two walk together unless they be agreed? Amos 3:3
(That would be three in our case.)

It's Day 4 of our journey, and the momentum is building. Tina, Kim and I have been volleying emails all week in an effort to identify income streams and marketing strategies. (Believe me, we're not just playing on Facebook. :-)) Today I realized that I have NEVER connected with anyone who had the same views about wealth building as these fabulous ladies. I'm usually the one saying, "Let's go. Come on. What are we waiting for?" while trying to carry folks along for the ride.

But, there's something about being around progressive people that make you want to be progressive. Their warms spirits are rubbing off on me. The energy. The vibrations. The T.E.A.M. work. Together Each of us is Achieving More.

I'm encouraging everyone who has joined us on the Millionaire Journey to be mindful of your associations. The company you keep can build you up or tear you down. I Corinthians 15:33 teaches us that bad company corrupts good character. Hanging with the wrong crowd can put you on a slippery slope to doing wrong things, or in some cases, nothing at all, leaving you stuck mentally, physically or emotionally.

But, the converse of that is true as well. Surrounding ourselves with people who have forward momentum, ambition, strong moral character and a desire to do what's right can cause us to want to be just like them.

I'm loving the journey. And I'm grateful for Tina and Kim, as well as all of the fans on our Facebook page who are supporting us as we support you.

We have 361 days left on the journey. In what ways can we support each other?



Montina Young Fortune (@sparkwisdom) said...

"...there's something about being around progressive people that make you want to be progressive." Yes, that is so true!

Evangelistvaleriemiller said...

Hello and God bless you I was searching the net and I came across your blog. When you can you can check out mine.
Have a wounderful day

This blog is a teaching on Transfer of spirits

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