Day 3: Playing To Win

It is incredible what you can accomplish when you play to win. All my life, I, like most people, have been taught to live within certain boundaries. You know: go to school, do well, get a good job. All good advice if you want to just break even in life.

Since I’ve started the Millionaire Journey, I’ve begun playing to win because the truth is you will never get where you want by only breaking even. Playing to win is all about knowing who you are, what you want, and taking a no holds barred approach to getting it. It’s also about understanding that you may get knocked down but you keep coming back refusing to accept defeat.

My life has truly changed in the last 3 days since I’ve started the Millionaire Journey. I’ve found opportunities in everything I do, and I’m learning to leverage my strengths. I’m also recognizing that life is not a dress rehearsal because you only get one life to live. Most importantly, I’ve learned that life gives you precisely what you ask of it. If you play to lose, you lose. If you play to break even, you break even. So guess what, I’m playing to win. What about you?


Montina Young Fortune (@sparkwisdom) said...

With Day 3, I'm learning to stretch my thinking and shrink my circle. I'm learning to enlarge my territory and not to be an enemy to me! Instead, I am learning to applaud myself and seek ways to generate funds and leverage my strengths. My confidence has even increased in my ability to generate income and seek opportunities to do so. Our target is specific and I'm glad that Lisa had enough belief and confidence to state a 1 year journey. Only God can give us the strength to accomplish this journey. Thus, He gets the glory.

Today's Single Mom said...
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