I will Teach You to be Rich Part I

I'm beginning to believe that most people in life just want to be spoon fed. I have been a long time follower of Ramit Sethi's blog I will teach you to be rich and have learned quite a bit from his tips. If you're not following the blog, take a moment to go and sign up. He's been writing since 2003 and sharing his quest to become rich.

Last night, I attended his 6-week Boot Camp pre-launch and paid attention to his marketing techniques. For an entire week, he gave us his best information, videos, emails, etc. and finally had a live meeting and told us more FREE information. Yet, free isn't the point. The point is he places a value on information and finally gave us the price for the 6-week Boot Camp. Personally, I like his no nonsense approach. Not only did he just give the price, he politely said he was not going to hard sell us into buying it.

Ramit said, "Either you want it or you don't. If you don't, continue to follow the blog and do nothing." While I followed the live web chat stream, I realized that Ramit appeared to be living in an apartment, he didn't have the "best" camera, we don't even know if he's rich, yet HE'S TEACHING OTHERS HOW TO BE RICH! What's the point? There is someone somewhere that wants your information because they are too lazy to do it for themselves.

They don't even care if you're rich, skinny, fit, healthy, etc. They just want a quick way to improve their lives. Do you really want to be rich? Do you really want to achieve millionaire status? I do and I have for some time been quite diligent at doing those things that will guarantee that I reach financial independence. Just today I ate breakfast here at work (which I must admit, I rarely do) and the cost for an enormous pancake was a whopping $.74! Yes, and I drank water.

In fact, many of the people that eat breakfast and lunch in our cafeteria have purchases that easily reach $7-$10 daily. Now, I must say that you don't have to skip on lunch or your favorite restaurant. Please do not misunderstand me. I do believe that you must put on constraints. If you can not pay all of your bills on time, have credit card debt, no savings and are struggling financially, you should be eating Ramen Noodles for lunch. As Dave Ramsey would say, "rice and beans, beans and rice."

Yes, I said it! I have a lot more to say too. I'm developing a new approach at finances, business and this mission. We can all be millionaires-I BELIEVE IT-yet there must be a strategy. Mindset is FIRST. So, first things first. This journey should feel exciting and a little uncomfortable too. Each day you must first believe and then think about what you can do to achieve financial independence.

Kill the foxes and get moving! We are on a mission to teach you how to become a millionaire as we achieve the status ourselves. We're researching, interviewing and reading everything we can get our hands on. What can you do TODAY to work towards your financial independence? (Tina)


Yolanda B. said...

Yeah - I've been following him for a while too and have too been suspectful of his experience given his recent college grad status. But he has grown to be a recognized expert at teaching people how to take care of their finances. It's been really cool to watch. My issue is sharing finances with someone who is not on the same wavelength...

Lisa Maria Carroll said...


I love Ramit's blog. I love Dave Ramsey as well. They both give great financial advice.

We've already discussed that it hasn't come down to me eating Ramen noodles yet. But, I never say what I'll never do. I did, however, buy a box of instant brown rice over the weekend, along with several cans of chili with beans and a variety of soups. Yesterday I microwaved some rice, and stirred in a can of cream of chicken soup. Today I had rice mixed with a can of chili and ate it with some cornbread. Now, that's good eating right there. And my lunch is less than $2/day.


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