Frugal Living: Using Cashback Sites To Stretch Your Dollars

The holidays are right around the corner and with it comes a good deal of shopping. Unless money doesn’t matter, there is never a reason to buy anything for full price. Between cashback sites and coupons you can always get a discount. The way cashback sites work are they pay you a rebate-usually between 2% and 6%- to shop a specific retailer through their site. These sites are “must use” if you shop online because they don’t cost anything to use and you may as well get paid to purchase the items you were already going to purchase.

I use several sites and each one has a different rebate percentage. I recommend that you sign up for each of them and then when you’re ready to shop compare who is offering the best rebate with the particular retailer you are planning to shop with. The ones I use most often are:

Ebates. Ebates is the site I’ve used the longest. They pay you $5 upon sign-up and you can cash out when your account reaches $5.01 so only one purchase is required. Payment is sent out on a quarterly basis. The list of retailers is extensive. Sign up at:

Cashbaq. Cashbaq also offers a $5 bonus for signing up. Payments are made on the 20th of each month to all members whose accounts have accrued at least $10. Also, Cashbaq offers the deal of the day, which is a bargain deal that’s 50-90% off the retail price after the bargain price and cashback. Sign up at

Mr. Rebates. This site has to be one of the best ways to make money. In addition to giving you a rebate for your purchase, you can also earn 20% of your referred friend's cash-back rebates on every purchase they make through Mr. Rebates (at no cost to them). You get that extra 20% for every purchase your referred friend makes. You just can't lose on a deal like this! Sign up at:

Blastoff. This is one of the newest cashback sites. It actually combines cashback with multilevel marketing but without any sign up cost. You get a rebate not only when you shop at merchants through their online mall but you also get paid when the 20 people in your circle shop through the online mall. Click here for sign up.

To make certain that you receive credit for your purchase, you must find the store on the cashback site you’re using and click through to the store from the link provided by the cash back site.

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