Frugal Living: Free Shipping & Finding Coupon Codes

As I mentioned in a previous article, I love to shop online. I’m a big fan of shopping online. In order to make shopping on line feasible, there are two things that are must haves for me: one is free shipping and the other is a discount.

1) Never pay for shipping. You should almost never pay for shipping when you buy online. Honestly, it’s not worth it to shop online if you have to pay shipping costs. Many merchants offer free shipping year round on a minimum order or they offer free shipping codes throughout the year. Check or go to the Free Shipping page at to find free shipping codes and offers available at thousands of stores online.

Two great sites are available to assist you.When I order online, I pretty much refuse to pay for shipping. It's just not worth it to me to have to pay high shipping prices--even if the online deal is spectacular. On Decembmer 17, 2009 dozens many sites will be participating in Free Shipping Day and they guarantee they will deliver to you by Christmas Eve. To find out which stores are participating, click HERE.

2) Find coupon codes. Coupon codes are all over the internet. You should ve able to find a coupon code for any purchase you want to make. One good site to look at is You only need to go to their site, search for the store you want to shop at and you will get a list of coupon codes.

Between getting free shipping and coupon codes you should be able to get significant discount on the item purchased.


Lisa Maria Carroll said...

Thanks for the information Kim. I NEVER pay for shipping, especially when companies offer a product for free, and then want you to pay only for shipping. In my world that's called a scam.

Montina Young Fortune (@sparkwisdom) said...

This is SUPER advice! I have paid for shipping in the past. I've been scammed! I'm headed into frugal live. I am a future millionaire!

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