I will teach you to be rich Part II

Can anyone truly teach you to be rich? What does being "rich" really mean? For me it simply mean financial independence. Monday my daughter called me from school and informed me that her glasses broke in half. Without hesitation, I hung up from her and immediately called in to the Ophthalmologist to set her up an appointment. Well, time is more important to me than money so I scheduled my other two children appointments too. My oldest daughter wears contacts and is begging for colored contacts. My son was whining because he couldn't get glasses and my baby daughter had a pair already picked out (and they were not on sale!).

Sure the insurance covered all except $20 of the visit. Sure, I picked up the glasses yesterday and the total was just $117 after they showed me the total of $300 plus dollars. Good thing I have insurance...right? In the past, I would have stressed out over the visit and the amount to pay. Yet, because I have a budget and a larger salary, the visit was a breeze and neither I nor the children were frustrated.

See financial independence is more than the money. Financial independence is the confidence you carry knowing that you can support yourself, your children, family members, the homeless, those in-between, etc. Ramit Sethi's blog I will teach you to be rich is about more than becoming rich. The information he share is about changing your MINDSET which in turn releases stress and frustration. Financial independence is freedom from debt, freedom from lack, freedom from living a mediocre life and freedom from being tied to a meaningless job.

This millionaire journey we're on is more than you becoming a millionaire. There are plenty of stories about those that achieve millionaire status and lose hundreds of millions a few years thereafter. Did you know that within two years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or in severe financial distress? Read Chris Chase's article for more information about Why do so many NFL players go bankrupt?

Come on, this is more than about money. The journey is about MINDSET. What does being rich mean to you? (Tina)


Shauna @ Breathing Prosperity said...

You said " Financial independence is freedom from debt, freedom from lack, freedom from living a mediocre life and freedom from being tied to a meaningless job."

Amen! Wealth means freedom and peace of mind, and the ability to enjoy all life has to offer...sure, it also includes health, love, etc., but not enough people teach their kids (and themselves) about financial independence and how to thrive...kudos to you for being part of the solution!

You're doing an amazing and inspiring job sharing your stories, and many, many people will benefit. Thanks for putting yourselves out there in all ways!


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