I Like to Let Other People Spend MY Money

Say No! Did you say it? How often do we say "YES" only to wish that we would have kept our mouths closed? I have been exercising my jaws lately and saying an emphatic "no" without apology. I have more time for my kids because I TAKE more time. I have more freedom because I give myself the freedom.

We are coming up to the Holidays which usually means more purchases outside of our budget. Your friends and family may expect gifts. What are you going to do? Exercise your ability to say “no” right now and stop allowing other people to spend your money.

I made a mistake that cost me over two-thousand dollars because I allowed someone else to spend my money. Click here to read about my stupid tax. How? They suggested that I needed an Interior Designer. Did I? Not when I had credit card debt, a car loan and no blinds on my patio sliding door. Yet, what did I do? Allow the weed seed to be planted in my stinking thinking. Just recently this same well intending friend informed me she was hosting a clothing designer party at her home and that I was invited. Of course I exercised my right to say “no” and did. Yet, she came back with the perfect rebuttal. “The clothes are for ‘little people your size’ and I get 50% off the clothes!” she said. Of course I said “no!” right? Nope, I responded “Wow! That sounds great, okay, I’ll be there” thus allowing her to SPEND MY MONEY.

So, I am saying to you (and me) that in order to get to the first million, we have to take back control and say “no” when we need to, “yes” when we can and stop allowing others to spend our money. I hope that today I brought to your awareness how you allow others to spend your money. Don’t think so? Do you buy items because they’re “on sale”, “half off”, “closing for business” oh…you’ve been allowing others to spend your money too! LOL! Don’t fret, you’re not alone. Take back control and repeat after me “no, no, no!”

On the Millionaire Journey, it is extremely important to continue developing the Millionaire Mindset. You are developing the Millionaire mindset. Now it's time to have what you believe in the spiritual, manifested in the natural.

You cannot do everything, but you can do one thing, the most important thing, and you can do it now.-Brian Tracy

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