Divorce Your Fears and Marry Your Dreams

“Some people were never meant to walk with you into destiny, but to the door of destiny. Be okay with people who can't "go on through."
I was listening to a friend today tell me that she hadn’t achieved the level of success she wanted because she was trying to get all her friends and family to come along with her.  She remarked and I quote:  “I don’t want to be rich by myself!” Seriously, are you kidding me?  Believe me, if it’s one thing I know it’s that if you’re rich you won’t be by yourself.  You will find a litany of friends, family and others who will come out of the wood work to “befriend” you.
But all joking aside, it got me to thinking how many of us are putting destiny on hold waiting on others to get motivated?  This is an issue for a lot of folks especially if they are the first in their circle of friends and family to obtain success. They fear their success will ruin friendships or beget them envy. They also believe they owe it to others to help them be successful so they dim their light to help others shine. But honestly, what I think when I hear others say that is fear talking. It’s not the fear of leaving others behind but the fear of moving ahead or on so they don’t want to take the journey by themselves because they don’t know what to expect. 
Whenever I have fear or doubt, I remember these wise words from one of my favorite movies, The Notebook: “if you’re ever going to be successful, you have to cheat on your fears, break up with your doubts, get engage to your faith and marry your dreams.” After all, marrying your dreams is the ultimate end game and if you’re ever going to walk through the door of destiny to marry your dreams, it may mean you have to be ok walking through the door alone and being ok with those who choose not to.”
Ever have this fear of walking alone? What have you done to push yourself through the door of destiny?
Kim Crouch is one of the founders of The Millionaire Journey and author of Mother to Son.

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