Feedback Friday: Why Do People Fear Accountability?

Yesterday I was talking to Kim, my accountability partner on this Millionaire Journey, and I asked why she thinks so many people have a problem with accountability? And when you look at it, society as a whole wants to do their own thing, whether it's in business, marriage, or family. And as adults, we feel like that's our right! But, it's this selfish or fearful attitude that may be preventing you from going to the next level.

Our theme this month is FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real), and we've really been focused on accountability this week. On Tuesday I told you how to find an accountability partner, and the feedback we received was tremendous. We've gotten email and video responses from people who told us why they don't need someone to hold them accountable because they know how to motivate themselves, as well as those folks who are afraid of a little tough love or being called on the rug when they say they're going to do something and don't.

Our Feedback Friday question is: Why are people afraid of being held accountable?

If you look at any highly successful person, you will almost always find a mentor/coach/accountability partner:

  • Former supermodel and talk show host Tyra Banks has a life coach. Check out this blog Tyra wrote about how Paula White helped her when she didn't want to get out of bed.

  • Oprah Winfrey calls Maya Angelou mentor-mother-sister-friend. Why would Oprah need a mentor?

  • Warren Buffett was mentored by Ben Graham while at Columbia University. Buffett celebrates Graham’s book, The Intelligent Investor, as the greatest book on investing ever written. Ben Graham once owned a small insurance company named GEICO. Apparently Graham taught his student well because Warren Buffett now owns GEICO.

  • Michael Jordan was a great player, having earned Rookie of the Year. But it wasn’t until he was joined with his coach and mentor, Phil Jackson, that he flourished. Under Phil Jackson’s first year as coach of the Chicago Bulls, Jordan and the Bulls were able to win their first NBA title. Michael Jordan amassed 6 NBA titles and became the most decorated NBA player ever under Phil Jackson.

  • Personal trainers have fitness struggles, so they have fitness partners to help them achieve their fitness goals. (Click here to read more about personal trainers who have fitness struggles.)

(Note: you have to visit the blog to view the above video)

So, as you can see, it's not about motivation, but peak performance. If you want to soar to new heights, be accountable to someone. But, why do so many people fear soaring to new heights? Are they afraid to go to the next level? Are they content to stay where they are, even when it's an unhappy place? Or, is it that they just can't handle the truth?

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