Make Money Monday: 3 Easy Ways To Monetize Your Blog

Now that you’ve learned how to create a blog and you have it all designed, the next thing you should consider is monetizing it. I know some of you just blog to discuss issues or to provide your opinions on matters but there is no reason you shouldn’t get paid while you’re at it. There are three simple ways to monetize your blog:

1. Amazon Associates. One of the reasons that I like being an Amazon Associate is because of the ease of using Amazon. Amazon is everywhere and they sell everything from baby clothes to books. So how does it work? You link to various Amazon products on your blog either off to the side or within your blog posts and every time someone clicks on your link and purchases that item or other items once they link through to the Amazon site, you get paid a commission! It’s that simple. So if you’re blogging about an issue, why not link to a recommended book about the subject sold by Amazon.

Amazon has a tiered system and your commission rate increases as you move up the tiered system. As an Amazon Associate, you can sell anything Amazon does such as books, music, DVDs and clothes, etc. To sign up, click HERE

2. Google Adsense. Adsense is probably the easiest of the ways to monetize your blog. Adsense offers unobtrusive ads that you display on your website or blog. You earn money when users visit your site and click on or view the ads on your page depending on the type of ads you select for placement. Click HERE to sign up for Google Adsense.

3. Infolinks. Infolinks is a contextual inline ad program that allow you to add code to your blog that automatically searches each article and create text links on keywords to promote products. Revenue is generated when a reader clicks on one of the links. Once you install the code, no additional code or work is required. All you do is post your blog and the ads are automatically synched up with the keywords. To sign up for Infolinks, click here.

Now there are other ways to monetize your blog such as direct advertising (this requires you have a good deal of traffic) and affiliate marketing, which will be discussed at a future post. The 3 methods listed above are easy, require very little maintenance and don’t require an enormous amount of traffic.

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