Thursday Training Course: How to Set Up a Blog

Many of you have contacted me and Lisa about how you set up a blog or how to make money from blogging. The truth is people create blogs for all types of reasons: to discuss an issue important to them, to keep family updated or for business purposes. Over the last few years, blogs and blogging have emerged as another potential income stream way to make money providing a diversity of opportunities.

The truth is we spend a lot of time and effort working at it. (Can’t you tell by the number of posts you see weekly!). We get up at the crack of dawn and go to sleep very late and we consistently write and experiment with ideas. The one thing we know for sure is that your blog will NOT make money without good set up, great content and steady traffic. This is why we’ve created the How To Set Up A Blog Webinar. Join us on Thursday and you will learn the essentials to setting up a good site including:

How To Set Up A Blog
What’s the Best Format To Use
Blog Templates & Design

To register for this event, Click HERE.

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