No More FEAR

If you were on our Send FEAR Packing call tonight, we know you're FIRED UP, AND READY TO GO! In 2009 many of us stopped living our dreams because we were too busy living our fears (Les Brown). But, with great expectancy, all of us are expecting 2010 to be at least 10 times better.

After that powerful call, we know that you're building confidence, walking in the direction of your fears, and setting respectable goals. You're no longer afraid to fail because, when you do, you're going to get back up and try, try, try again.

This week we want you to work on creating your support group--family, friends and co-workers--who can help you go to the next level. Also, find a mentor and identify members of your Board of Advisors. Start it now, perfect it later.

This week many of you sent us questions about blogging: What is a blog? Where do I start? How do I set it up? As you know, we're here for you. So, this Thursday, January 7, 2010, we're doing our first webinar of the year, How to Set Up a Blog at 9PM Eastern. This event is absolutely FREE, but you MUST register first: (click here to register). Space is limited to the first 20 registrants.

If you have questions you'd like answered at the event, please send them in advance to

See you on the Millionaire Side.
Lisa and Kim

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