Make Money Monday: MLM As A Profitable Income Stream

What should you look for in an effective Multilevel Marketing “MLM” program? What are the warning signs to look for that will tell you that a MLM program is not on the up and up? This and other issues relating to MLM or referral marketing programs are discussed and explored in the Millionaire Journey’s recent interview with MLMers Larry Cheatham and Raymond Abernathy.

Larry has been involved in the MLM industry for 20 years and operates a successful real estate holdings company in Texas called Xavier Business Group. Raymond has been a MLMer for approximately 10 years and is an accomplished businessman, educator and speaker. He is with among one of the most successful leadership development corporations in the world and is always in constant demand across the United States and abroad to teach on leadership, personal business development and network marketing as a financial option for the 21st century

Larry and Raymond are personal friends, Partners In Success, and fans of the Millionaire Journey and came to this interview with a wealth of knowledge about MLM and wanted to discuss it as an income stream because they believe that despite the sometimes misunderstood history of the industry, it is primed for an explosion.

In this interview, you will learn:

*What to look for in a MLM program (How about How to Spot a Legitimate MLM Program)

*Why you should consider MLM as a component of your wealth strategy

*The top myths surrounding MLM

*How to write your own paycheck through MLM vs. the traditional business route

*Why most people are going about wealth creation backwards

*The 6 things Millionaire J. Paul Getty teaches are needed for success

*Who shouldn’t be involved in MLM

and so much more!!!

Check out the interview HERE

To learn more about Larry and Raymond and their team click HERE

Also stay tuned for our announcement this week on the Millionaire Journey's Partners In Success Program and how Lisa and Kim can partner with you to help you achiever your goals.

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