Feedback Friday: How Do You Handle Money Requests From Family?

Our MJ theme for February is Love and Money. And we know that these two things don't always mesh well, especially when it comes to family.

We see it all the time, someone hits the jackpot (wins the lottery, signs a professional sports or recording contract, wins American Idol), and before long, family (some they didn't even know they had) are standing in line with a sense of entitlement to their "winnings."

This week American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino was on Oprah discussing her financial woes, and how she almost lost both of her houses, and couldn't even afford to buy a pizza two year ago (this was AFTER winning Idol)because she was taking care of her entire family. She now has a reality TV show on VH1 called Fantasia For Real, and on the show, we see that she is the only adult in her house who works, and when she finally puts her foot down and starts saying no, her brother has a meltdown. (Check out the videos here.)

Our Feedback Friday question is: How do you handle money requests from family?

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