Are Women Educating Themselves Out of the Dating Pool?

Love is in the air.

It's Feedback Friday on The Millionaire Journey, and we want to hear from YOU! It's Valentine's Day weekend, and lots of women will be spending it alone. Some by choice. Others by chance.

They're smart, sexy and beautiful. They're also educated and making a strong salary. It's not that they don't want a man, but the men who say they want a smart, beautiful woman are intimidated by their (perceived) independence.

Our Feedback Friday question is a two-parter, Are Women Educating Themselves Out of the Dating Pool? Should they downplay their intelligence to get a man?


Teasas Tips said...

I think we are. I'm speaking from experience. As an educated black woman, I am finding that the more education I obtain, the less available partners I meet. Its as if the pool of available, compatible men are shrinking. Sure, I meet nice looking, intelligent men, but they don't want a relationship, they simply want a casual sex partner. With AIDS the way it is today, that just is not an option!

Blogger said...

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