Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways You Need To Know About Now

Several of you have asked me how you can specifically make money blogging online. There are many ways to make money blogging online but I will tell you the top ten things I do to make money online. But, before I do so let me say that contrary to published reports very few people get rich quick blogging. However, you can make a decent living blogging but like anything else it takes time, consistent effort and a good strategy.

The truth is I spend a lot of time and effort working at it. I get up at the crack of dawn and go to sleep very late. I’m consistently writing and experimenting with ideas. Before I tell you what I do I want to say three things that I believe are prerequisites to making money blogging online:

1. Select a market or a niche. What is it that you want to blog about? Is it kids, pets, education, healthcare reform, etc. Whatever it is do some research to see what other blogs or websites already exist on the subject just so that you have an idea as to what's out there and who is your competition.

2. Register a blog or a website. If you don’t already have one, you can create a blog at, or These are the three most common platforms. If you prefer a website, then I would recommend . They are reasonably priced, reputable and offer a host of other supporting services.

3. Determine a strategy for building traffic. Traffic is key to making money on your blog. You may have a wonderful blog with great content but it will mean little if you have no traffic and no one reads it. In reality, you won’t begin to generate money until you’re getting a substantial number of visitors a day to your site. If you're only getting 5 or 10 visitors a day this is not likely to generate any real income so I suggest you invest some time and effort in building traffic. One way to do that is with good content or to become known as an expert in a particular area.

Here are the ten ways you can make money blogging, but as I've mentioned previously what makes it work for me is doing these ten things in concert and not one exclusively. The sites below can be divided into three categories for revenue generation: Affiliate Marketing, Pay Per Click & Inline Contextual Ads.


In my opinion, Affiliate Marketing of the three categories provides the best opportunity for revenue generation because it allows you to control which products you market and to some extent how you market the products, services or programs. Now note, the way Affiliate Marketing works, all with the exception of Amazon Associates, even if you're accepted into the Affiliate Marketing Program you still must apply for acceptance into the affiliate programs of the companies that are participants in the programs.

1. Amazon Associates. When people think of Amazon, they think of books. However, you can purchase virtually anything from Amazon from electronics to baby toys to jewelry and magazine subscriptions. Amazon in many ways has become the online supercenter. Amazon’s Affiliate Program is one of the easier to use and they’ve created a lot of gadgets from allowing you to link to a page and a product to allowing you to tweet items that your readers or customers may want to purchase. Amazon’s affiliate programs pays a percentage based on sales starting at 4% and increasing to 6% depending on the number of items sold each month. The good part is you can promote just about anything. To sign up, click HERE.

2. Commission Junction. CJ as many people call them is probably the best known of all the affiliate marketing programs online. Through CJ, you can promote everything from financial services to baby clothes to electronics. To sign up, Click HERE.

3. Logical Media. Although CJ is probably the largest, "Click Here">Logical Media is my favorite affiliate marketing company. It is one of the most innovative companies in the affiliate marketing arena. With Logical Media, you place ads within your blog and you are paid each time a visitor either clicks on the ad or takes some action like sign up. "Click Here">Logical Media also pays $25 for just signing up!

4. Linkshare. Linkshare is very similar to CJ and offers a variety of products and services you can promote. LinkShare Program

5. Flexoffers. This is one of the newer companies that I’ve signed up with. They seem to have a lot of financial related products but the payout is pretty good. To sign up, click HERE.

6. Clickbank. Like the others, it offers a wide variety of products you can promote but the products seem to be lesser known products. To sign up for Clickbank, click HERE.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (“PPC”) ads are those that pay out when a reader clicks on an ad.

7. Google Adsense- Adsense is probably the most well known of all the online programs that allow you to make money. Bloggers make money by inserting Adsense code into blogging site and can begin earning money immediately. To sign up, click HERE.

8. Bidvertiser- When most people think of PPC ads, Google Adsense usually comes to mind. However, Bidvertiser is an alternative to Adsense. Bidvertiser pays out at $10 vs. $100 for Adsense, which could take a while. Also, Bidvertiser will pay you for referring other publishers (bloggers). However, I like the quality of Adsense’s ads much more. To sign up for Bidvertiser, click HERE. (Once at the site, click on the button at the top that says Bidvertiser).

9. Chikita. This is another PPC program where the ads are based on the subject of the post or blog in which they appear. Sign up HERE.

Contextual Inline Ads
These are programs that allow you to add code to your blog that automatically searches each article and create text links on keywords to promote products. Revenue is generated when a reader clicks on one of the links. Once you install the code, no additional code or work is required. All you do is post your blog and the ads are automatically synched up with the keywords. Two of the better known companies in this area are
10. Infolinks & Kontera. You can check out a demo of Kontera here. I have found more success with Infolinks than Kontera in terms of payout. To sign up for Infolinks, click HERE. Kontera, click HERE.

In part 2, I will talk about other ways to make money blogging include pay per post and article generation companies.

To learn more about making money online, check out the comprehensive e-book: 20 Ways To Make a $100 per day online.

Kim Crouch, is one of the 3 women, along with Lisa Maria Carroll and Montina Fortune who are on the Millionaire Journey. You can follow us on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at or the Millionaire Journey blog at


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