Now is the time to FUND your passion!

Colossians 3:23 He says "Whatever you do, do it with all of your heart as unto the Lord and not unto men."
I found this super fantastic site Polar Unlimited that provides book summaries of the Top Business books using audio and video. The latest book "Crush It! Cash in on your Passion" by Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my favorites. Right now on this journey 3 Women. 3 Paths. 1 Destination: 1 million in 365 days, I am more than ever seeking ways to "cash in on my passion."
There is so much that I can do and that I have been doing for FREE and in the words of my great friend Lisa "People are always willing to take what you will give." I have passion (and plenty of it), I know my purpose and I know that I have valuable information. Yet, how do I cash in on it? That is the key. Who cares what I can do or what I know if I can not find value in my intellectual property? So, listening to "Crush it!" I took good notes and am purposing not only to live my life with passion and purpose, I am looking for ways to cash it in!
Visit the Polar Unlimited site and listen to the Book Summary here.
Crush it! (My notes)
1. Live your passion
2. Build your personal brand
3. Create great content
4. Become a great communicator
5. Work your face off!
6. Leverage social media
7. Make money: Chase the passion, not the money!
How can you cash in on your passion?


Yolanda B. said...

Tina, I love the resources you provide! I'm trying to get through the 10 day challenge now. The Crush It summary you provided gave me so much confirmation and tips to keep me motivated, I may actually purchase the book or audio.

Thanks so much!

Blogger said...

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