The 50th Law: Fear Nothing

I searched really hard for a book this month. I wanted the first one in 2010 to be good. I listened to this book the other day and while I'm not a huge fan of 50 cents I am of Robert Greene so I decided to step outside the box (Isn't this what millioniares do?) and choose the 50th Law. I chose it because this book makes you come face to face with fear ad deal with it. The 1st step to achieving success is conquering fear so here you have it. Read more about the book below and join us on the Millionaire Journey Fan Page (link below) tomorrow when we begin the discussion.

Fear Nothing!

Fear Nothing!

Fear Nothing!

In the 50th law, Robert Greene, bestselling author of the 48 Laws of Power joins with hip hop icon 50 cent to write about a single principle: fear nothing. The book is based on the principle that most people don’t understand the extent to which fear determines their action. Most people experience adversity and allow it to overcome them. This book is about helping you create self awareness of the fear that controls our lives preventing us from moving forward. There are 10 lessons of fear in the book and each chapter is centered around a primal fear we all feel. Each chapter highlights how the fear hides within you and subtly redirects you but it does give you some solutions for how to confront that fear and take control over your life. What I like about this book is it isn’t necessarily about overcoming fear with a reckless aggression. Rather, it is about confronting fear on its own terms, looking it square in the eye and moving past them.

This book is a really good and extensive book about mastering fear through awareness.

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