Make Money Monday: You Can Make Money Online: See How Now!

One of the most common questions I often get asked is can you really make money online? I understand the skepticism. After all, there are scams out there and many people who prey on one’s desire to make money.

The truth is I do make money online (I will share with you some sites and my own earnings later in the post). But the real question you want to know is not really can you make money online but will you get rich from it? Truthfully, the answer is probably not and most people don’t although there are a few people who do. But is making money online one of my multiple streams of income that when combined with the other income streams part of an overall strategy that will allow me to eventually retire? Absolutely!

What do I do to make money online?

So let me tell you about my own experiences with making money online, particularly blogs because this is what most of you are interested in knowing about. The first blog I created: Mother To Son didn’t make much money: $100 in 4 years. But it was a blog that I created after I published my first book: Mother To Son: Words of Wisdom, Inspiration and Hope for Today’s Young African-American Men. Although it didn’t make much money, this blog stemmed from my desire to discuss and offer solutions on a social issue that I cared deeply about. It was far from a money making blog but I do it nevertheless.

My best success from making money online with blogs came when my husband and I started our Recession Lessons blog as a way to help others survive the recession and as a way to begin making money online. (Note: I was already doing paid surveys online and getting paid to blog online and making a nice income from that). However, we began to really notice an increase in the amount of money we began to make with our blog. We realized the increase happened when we began to provide better, more targeted content and articles to our followers and then combined those with affiliate marketing programs such as and others.

However remember there is much more to making money online than creating a blog. Between my blogs and some of the other things I do to make money online, I am starting to make a decent return. Here’s an example of what this past week looked like (January 3-9, 2010) looked like:

Paid to blog sites $17
Surveys $77 (Surveys still remain a huge source of income for me. If you’re a mom with kids you’re the perfect demographic for advertisers and so the opportunity to make money getting paid to do online surveys I think is great)
Commission Junction $42.80
Google adsense $6.37 $5.60
Infolinks $3.06 Book Sales $35.10
Ebay $45
Other Affiliate Programs (47.55)

Note: my book sales aren’t included in this because I consider that a different type of income stream although more than 60% of sales are made online.

Total: Approximately $280

As I said, you won’t retire off this. However, as you can see this is one week so over the course of a month I earn anywhere from $500-$1000. Now there are some people out there making thousands of dollars a month with their blogs. In 2010, I plan to continue to refine my system to allow me to work toward achieving that type of income.

My goal is to also show you how to make money and what I’ve learned in 3 months that has helped me begin to generate income in a few months that I wasn’t able to generate in a few years. So every Monday from here on out, we’re going to have Make Money Mondays, and I’m going to show you the various ways to make money online from surveys, to affiliate marketing to getting paid to blog to ebay to selling stuff online and many others. I will also be honest with you about whether I think the sites are good or not and whether I’ve made money or not.

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Also you may consider purchasing the e-book 20 Ways To Make Money Online. Click HERE to learn more.

Lisa Maria Carroll and Kim Crouch are two women on a journey to become millionaires in 365 days. Join us on Facebook by clicking HERE or our blog by clicking HERE.


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