Take Action Tuesday: Write Your Vision Statement

One of the best selling books of the last decade was The Secret. This book teaches that one's positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attract wealth, health, and happiness.

The Secret was about more than just dreaming. It was about getting crystal clear about what you want the Universe to deliver. Although most people have an idea of what they want to be in life, the biggest majority have never taken the time to write a vision of the life they dream about. They settle for getting by with where they are and what they have. They live a life of frustration and stress and never experience the joy of reaching their goals. For many of them, accomplishing what they dream of is a challenge because they fail to articulate what it is they want. their dreams will never become a reality until we act upon them.

Clearly See Your Dream
When your picture of what you want your life to be is not clear you will have trouble knowing what plan of action you need. Clarity in your mental picture will give a more detailed understanding of what actions you need day-by-day to live the life you desire.

A personal vision statement is a picture of your true self in the future. It is who you want to be, what you want to do, how you want to feel, what you want to own, and who you want to associate with. Although your vision statement helps you to see into the future, it must be grounded in the present. It is a statement of who you are, and who you are becoming. It is the framework for the process of creating your life.

With that said, what dream will you make your reality in 2010? Once you have a clear vision of what it is you want, write it out, being bold, detailed, and precise in your statement.

Finally, decide on the FIRST step you can take to start yourself on your journey. What is the first thing you can do to get yourself on the right path? Determine what resources you'll need to assist you. When you have a clear vision you can understand the components that are necessary to have a plan that specifically defines you actions.

For more information on writing your vision statement, sign up for our F*R*E*E Defining Your Wealth Strategy webinar, taking place this Thursday, January 14, 2010.

See you on the Millionaire Side,
Lisa Maria Carroll

Lisa Maria Carroll and Kim Crouch are on a journey to become millionaires in 365 days. They don't want to do it alone, so they're bringing you with them. You can follow them on the Journey by joining the Facebook Fan Page at http://www.facebook.com/#/pages/Millionaire-Journey/165487378056?ref=ts or the Millionaire Journey blog at http://1yearmillionaires.blogspot.com

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