No Matter What: Persevere! Here's How

Many of us probably felt like 2009 was a failure and that it was a year we wished we could have avoided. I understand. We all have dreams and we all reach for the stars and a lot of times we don’t make it at first. It even seems that sometimes everyone around us is moving and accomplishing great things and we didn’t.

However, Confucius once said, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Here is a video I came across interesting from Honda, the car company, Dream the Impossible series. It’s entitled Failure: The Secret to Success.

This video is all about persevering. In 2010, know victory is yours. You can do it.

Just remember the 5 ways you can send fear packing.

1. Set your eyes on the prize. Write it down and set deadlines.
2. Take Small steps.
3. Try, Try Again. Remember the law of large number
4. Create a support group (Board of Advisors, get a mentor, accountability partners)
5. Visualize your future.

And most importantly, no matter what you do! Just persevere.

To see more videos from the Honda series click HERE

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